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looking for a title

no really!

that girl who likes to cook
7 June
Hi! Welcome to my food blog. I'm omni, but open to a variety of cooking styles and food preferences/choices; I'll also try to make accomodations for converting recipes as well. This is just a way for me to explore cooking and to keep track of how I cook and what I cook, what inspires me and how I can learn from different sources.

Hopefully besides just talking about food, I'll post recipes, sometimes pictures or links. I'll probably have a bunch of food blogs on my flist, both satellite feeds and blogs of the eljay persuasion.

In case you were curious: I'm a college student majoring in english. I like the color pink, stars, comic books, Vincent D'Onofrio, puppies, reading, painting, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Ryan Adams.